Assessment Center

Restricted Tests

Not all of the tests in the collection are allowed to be checked out by all borrowers.  Specifically, certain tests are reserved for the use of the students in the School Psychology Program because the test publishers' user agreements restrict test use to students enrolled in that program. The following codes indicate which tests are restricted and which may be checked out by a wider number of students.

Level A tests: May be checked out by all students enrolled in a course for which Assessment Center lab fees have been paid.

Level B tests: May be checked out by students enrolled in Counseling (HCE), Special Education (SED), or School Psychology (SPY) courses.

Level C tests: May be checked out by students matriculated into the School Psychology program during the semesters when specific courses are taken. This group of tests includes all of the tests marked COG (cognitive).

Vaulted tests: Reserved for faculty use only.