Office of Academic Assessment

Academic Update Program


The Academic Update program is designed to support USM students who may be having academic challenges at any point in the semester.  By identifying such challenges, faculty provide academic advisors with key information to reach out to each student in a timely manner, thereby increasing the likelihood of the student's success.  A key feature of the Academic Update Form is that it can be submitted early and as many times as needed throughout the semester, allowing the faculty to communicate concerns as well as positive progress the student has made.

When an Academic Update Form is submitted, an email is sent directly to the student highlighting the faculty concern, recommendations, and feedback.  The email is also copied the instructor initiating the Academic Update and the student's faculty and academic advisors.  The intent is to motivate the student to take action and to utilize campus resources to be academically successful.  A high level of communication between faculty, the advisor, and the student is important to the process, with the Academic Update Form initiating the dialogue and action steps.

Once the Academic Update email is received by the academic advisor, an email and phone call will be made to the student.  The academic advisor will also inform the faculty member of the contact and conversations/actions.  Notes will also be made in the student's electronic advising notes in Mainestreet.

How to Submit an Academic Update:

1.  From the USM homepage (, select the first Quick Link entitled "MyUSM Campus Portal".

2. Log in with your MaineStreet credentials.

3. Once in the portal, go to the third category option along the top navigation bar entitled "Academics".

4. Select "Academic Update Form".

5. Choose from your list of current courses, and click the hyperlink to open the student list for the course.

6. Select the student for whom you wish to submit an Academic Update.

7. Select as few or as many of the feedback boxes for that student under the columns entitled "Area of Strength", "Improvement Shown", and "Improvement Needed".  You may also type in a brief description in the box under the general feedback columns.

8. Indicate the "Number of Absences"

9. Indicate the "Estimated Grade to Date".

10. Select any "Suggested Actions for Improvement" that you would recommend to the student.

11. You may provide additional information in the "Comments" box, which will be visible to the student and the advisor.

12. For "Report Heading", please select "Academic Report" (which is set as the default), and click "Submit" at the bottom

Any questions about the Academic Update Program please contact Kristen Beahm in the Office of Academic Assessment. or 207-228-8086