Office of Academic Assessment


Definition of Assessment:

Assessment is a process that focuses on student learning, a process
that involves reviewing and reflecting on practice as academics
have always done, but in a more planned and careful way. (Ewell,

Assessment is an ongoing process of collecting information that is
aimed at understanding and improving student learning and
personal development. (Angelo, 1995)

What Assessment IS and IS NOT:

  • Assessment is NOT episodic… should be ongoing and embedded in the culture by repeating a cycle of actions.
  • Assessment is NOT just about measurement….it involves both gathering
    information and using it as feedback to modify a service, program, or course.
  • Assessment is NOT about evaluating the performance of an individual
    staff/faculty/student….it is aimed at improvement.
  • Assessment is NOT solely an administrative process….it is a team effort and staff must be actively engaged in the assessment process.
  • Assessment is NOT easy or quick….it is a complex process of comparing the intended outcomes and the actual learning outcomes of an educational experience.