Office of Academic Assessment

Conducting a Departmental Survey-- (Program/Course Assessment Survey or Alumni Survey)

Per decision of the Provost Council, Departmental Assessment Surveys are being coordinated by the Office of Academic Assessment, for the purpose of tracking the number of surveys being distributed each academic year (especially to students), and to save costs and resources (when possible).  If your academic department is interested in conducting a Departmental Survey, please see the following process listed below.

 1.  Contact the Office of Academic Assessment about the type of survey your Department is planning (i.e. alumni survey, faculty-staff survey, current student survey, external partners survey, etc).

2.  Survey items can be drafted by your Department and then given to the Academic Assessment office for review.  We will work with your Department to finalize the survey items.  When possible, survey items must include some items that address our institutional accreditation.  For alumni surveys, at least one item should ask alums for updated contact information to use for outreach purposes via the Alumni Relations office.

3.  An accurate list of names and email addresses will be obtained by the most appropriate office; i.e. Registrar's office, the Institutional Research office, Human Resources office, or Advancement/Alumni Relations office (depending upon the survey population).

4.  The Office of Academic Assessment will distribute the survey via email (using Survey-Monkey or Snap Survey software).  When email addresses are not available, the Academic Assessment office will send a survey memo via regular mail.  No cost to the Department.

5.  The Office of Academic Assessment will collect and analyze the survey data, and prepare an assessment report for the Department.

6.  If you have specific concerns or questions, please contact Susan King,, 207.780.4681 or Kristen Beahm,, 207.228.8086 in the Office of Academic Assessment.