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Distance Education Proctoring Services

Correspondence & Distance Education Course Examinations

Due to the Coronavirus there will be no Correspondence & Distance Education Course Examinations appointments until further notice.

If you are taking a distance-education or online course from a school outside the UMaine system and you need proctoring services for your exams, you may contact the Office of Academic Assessment at USM. There is a proctor fee of $30.00 per hour which must be paid on the day of your scheduled test. This fee can only be paid by cash or check.

University College 1-800-868-7000 schedules proctoring for all UMaine system distance education courses.

To schedule a proctor for a distance education exam from outside the UMaine system, please contact:

Kristen Beahm
Phone: (207) 228.8086

Materials should be sent to:

Kristen Beahm, Assistant Director

Office of Academic Assessment
45 Exter Street
University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME 04104-9300