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Electronic Course Evaluation (ECE) Process

Electronic Course Evaluations (ECE): UPDATE

*Effective Fall 2017:  The "Explorance BLUE" course evaluation software is replacing the Campus Labs course evaluation software.  A small pilot is being conducted during the month of August 2017, on summer courses that have course-ending-times between August 10 to 31.

*Access to the Campus Labs (old version) will only be available through August 31.  All previous course evaluation reports are being archived by the Office of Academic Assessment.

*Information about "BLUE" software:  The new software operates by downloading the instructor, course, and student data files directly from MaineStreet into the BLUE software system.  This is an automatic and regular process which keeps the course evaluation data updated and maintained (that is, instructor changes, course ending time updates, students or courses dropped or added, etc).  Therefore, it is extremely important that each academic program ensures that the information in MainStreet is correctly stated for their program courses each semester. 

If you have additional questions please contact Kristen Beahm, 228-8086,  Please see the UPDATED ECE Process...links below.


Browsers to Use
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ECE Course Evaluation Timelines

** USM Spring 2018 Semester  

  • Evaluation 1 (Tentative) March 19 thur March 31 (Courses ending on or before March 31)
  • Evaluation 2  April 30 thru May 19 (Courses ending on or before May 17)

 *** LAW School Spring 2018 Semester

  • Regular Law Courses - April 20 thur May 4 (Courses ending on or before May 17)
  • Clinical/Fieldwork Course - April 20 thru May 4 (Courses ending on or before May 17)


ECE Links for BLUE Course Evaluation Access

Direct Link:

Please note:

*The link can be accessed by students - only during the course evaluation time periods.

*The link can be accessed by faculty -  at various times to enter custom questions to the course evaluation, when evaluation is in-process to check response rates, and once course evaluation reports are available.

*The link can be accessed by Deans and Chairs -  after each semester to obtain course evaluation reports for their college or department.


Faculty Questions and Answers about BLUE - Electronic Course Evaluations

*Common questions and answers for faculty members

*Student comments and e-signatures

*Syllabus excerpt

*Adding custom questions


Student Questions and Answers about an Electronic Course Evaluations

*Common questions and answers for students


Standard Course Evaluation Form

*USM's Course evaluation-standard items


Strategies to Boost Online Response Rates

*Best Practices for Online Response Rates


Research Literature regarding Online Course Evaluations