Office of Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment Overview

The Office of Academic Assessment supports institutional effectiveness initiatives, assists university departments with continuous program and course improvements by offering education and consultation regarding the assessment of student learning and development.


The Office of Academic Assessment provides the following Assessment Services: 

  • Institutional Assessment (campus wide)
    • We compile and document ongoing assessment efforts via the "Assessment of Student Learning Plan" (ASLP form)
    • We provide resources to assist the university community on assessing student learning
    • We assist Core Curriculum Committee with general education assessment
    • We assist with the assessment of community engagement activities (i.e. Carnegie Classification of Community Engagement)
    • We administer campus-wide student and faculty surveys (i.e. NSSE-FSSE national surveys, Graduating Senior Survey, Alumni Survey, etc.)
    • We provide assessment reports for the university community and for NECHE accreditation purposes
  • Electronic Course Evaluation (ECE) (campus wide)
    • We administer the campus-wide electronic course evaluation form each semester to all students
    • We provide technical assistance to faculty and students regarding the ECE software
    • We provide faculty course reports and departmental course evaluation data reports
    • We provide individual faculty compilation data reports for tenure and promotion process
  • Program Assessment Services (academic departments and student support offices)
    • We assist departments with program alumni surveys, student surveys, and external partners surveys.
    • We assist with survey development, data collection and analysis, and prepare data reports
    • We assist departments with focus group sessions or student interviews, and prepare qualitative reports
    • We assist non-academic units with the assessment of student affairs or student support programs
  • Course Assessment Services (assistance to faculty and departments)
    • We assist faculty with development and administration of online/in-class questionnaires/surveys
    • We assist faculty with holistic scoring process, analysis of rubric scores or course grade analysis
    • We assist faculty by tracking student performance; examining follow-up grades for prerequisite analysis
  • Testing Services (for USM students and local community members)
    • We administer Accuplacer-Math Placement Exam for newly-admitted students
    • We administer certification exams, graduate admission tests
    • We administer online course exams for those in distance-education programs
    • We administer proficiency exams for university departments, CLEP and Dantes exams