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Exams for USM Students

Please see list below for a list of tests administered.


Testing Guidelines

USM is currently using the recommended guidelines from the CDC when administering face-to-face tests to students. To review requirements, click here.


USM - Math Placement Test

USM is currently using an untimed online exam to determine course placement in math and related courses. For more information and details about the test, sample tests, test scoring rubric, and how to access the exam, click here.

Please note: This particular Math Placement Test on the Brightspace platform will be used for placement into courses for this academic year 2020-21 only (i.e. Winter Session and for Spring 2021 semester courses).


Accuplacer - Math Placement Tests

If you have already taken the Accuplacer Math Placement Test (at USM or another school) in the past three years, you may submit those test scores to be used for your math course placement. The Acccuplacer tests are NOT being administered at USM during this time. For more information and details, click here.


Foreign Language Placement Exam

If you need to demonstrate advanced knowledge in the French or Spanish language, more details can be found here.



Registration procedures for these exams can be found at the Office for Prior Learning Assessment.


Computer Proficiency Exam for BUS 195

For information about the Computer Proficiency Exam, please click here.


Counselor Prep Comprehensive Exam (CPCE)

If you are in the USM Counselor Education program and are ready to do an internship, you must follow a few procedures. For more details, click here.



Admissions Tests


Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

If you are required to take the MAT for admission to a USM graduate prgram, please review the test procedures, complete a registration form, and schedule an individual test session. For more information, click here.


GRE Subject Test

For registration procedures, please click here. Test Dates scheduled at USM: April 10, 2021.


Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

For registration procedures, please click here. Test Dates scheduled at USM for 2020 year: To be determined.



Other Exams


Distance-Education / Certification Courses

Proctoring services are available for USM students, staff or instructors who are taking distance courses at another university. Please click here for details on scheduling an individual test date.


PROV Certification Exams for Technical Fields

All PROV Certification Exams will be administered on the USM Portland Campus on selected test dates. Testing will resume for the public, beginning February 2021. Contact Vicki Meserve for details (