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USM Math Placement: Question and Answer Flowchart


Fall 2018 Math Proficiency Policy: New SATM Scores vs Old SATM Scores

USM Math Placement Tests

  • The USM Math Placement Test is required for students who have a new SAT-Math Score below 570 or an old SAT-Math Score below 550 (or ACT score below 22).  The Math Placement Test consists of the ACCUPLACER-Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra Tests.  You will receive two scores, both which will be used to determine the most appropriate math course for you to enroll.  Please see links below for the Sample Test and the Math Placement Scoring Rubric.  Please note that both sections, Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra, must be completed at the same sitting in order to be valid for determining placement.

  •  FALL 2018 only:  Students with new SAT-Math Scores between 460-560 (or ACT scores between 18-21) are able to enroll in MAT 101 without taking the Math Placement Test (i.e. Accuplacer Arithmetic and Algebra tests).  Students with these scores who want to enroll in a higher-level Math course (MAT 105, MAT 108, or MAT 120) must take the Accuplacer Tests and obtain the appropriate cut-off scores (see Placement Score Rubric). 

  • The College-Level Math Test is required for students who wish to enroll in MAT 140 or MAT 152, who have not yet met pre-req's (please click on the flowchart above to determine if your major requires these math courses).


USM College-Level Math Test

  • The USM College-Level Math Test is required only for those incoming students who want to enroll in a higher-level math course as their first math course at USM.  Students who have a new SAT-MATH score of 570 or above or an old SAT-MATH score of 550 or above (or ACT score of 22 or above) or students who have obtained a high score on the Math Placement Test (see above excerpt) have the option of taking the College-Level Math Test to determine if they have sufficient mathematical skills to enroll in a Pre-Calculus or Calculus course.  Your College-Level Math score will determine if your scores are sufficient to enroll in the MAT 140 course or the MAT 152 course.  Please see the links below for the Sample Test and the Math Placement Scoring Rubric.

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  • CHES - Test Date: April 28, 2018
  • MPRE - Test Dates: Nov 10, 2018, March 23, 2019

*National/Certification Exams "Not" administered at USM (Please see websites listed below for further details on these Computerized Tests)