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Ice Hockey Day Camp

June 24, 2019 to June 28, 2019
Costello Sports Complex - Ice Arena, Gorham Campus

Camp Director:  Edward Harding

Boys & Girls Ages 9 - 13 & 14 - 17

Mon- Thur 9am-4pm & Fri 9am - 12pm

This camp will be divided up into two group. Group one is for Boys and Girls age 9-13 years old and this camp will teach the individual skills necessary to compete in a competitive league. We will teach fundamentals with an emphasis on puck skills and skating. Coaches from various backgrounds will strive to enhance proper techniques and educate your child with expert instruction and positive reinforcement. We allow players to make mistakes and then correct those mistakes in a comfortable repetitive atmosphere.

Group two is for Boys and Girls age 14 - 17 years old and they will learn the finer points of the game and gain that winning edge. You will have a chance to observe and participate in team concepts as well as individual skills that will lead directly to winning hockey games. We strive to instill high standards and provide a tremendous education about the game of hockey. Skilled instructors from high school to the Pros will be on hand to help develop your team and individual skills.

Program Features

Special Teams Play, Forcheck, Inzone Coverage, Transition, Gap Control, Back Checking  

What to bring to Camp:

  • Bag lunch that doesn’t require refrigeration
  • Sneakers
  • T-shirt & shorts
  • Complete Hockey Gear
  • Water bottle with Campers full name on it

Example of Daily Schedule

8:30a - 8:45a Check In/ Attendance/ get dressed

9:00a on ice warm ups into drills/skills

10:30a split into groups- on and off ice skills/ drills

11:15a Groups switch on and off ice skills/ drills

12:00p Lunch

1:00p  On Ice skills/ drills

2:30p Break

3:15p On Ice

4:00p SIGN OUT (Every camper must sign out with person transporting them)


Contact Information

Ed Harding