Department of Athletics

Bean's Bearing's: December 2020

The first semester of the academic year is in the books, the holiday season is in full swing and a year that will live in infamy is about to turn the page.  Memories of 2020 will not be pleasant for most, but as with previous challenges we have faced as a nation and as individuals, we will persevere and move forward.  There have been many hardships and painful loss but there is hope.  Vaccine is in production and our frontline workers and some of our most vulnerable population are being scheduled for inoculation.  We have a long way to go but there is a road forward and it looks brighter.
Navigating Covid-19 is and has been challenging, both philosophically and pragmatically.  There is much to consider but health and safety has always been at the core of our decision making.  As we know, people are lined up on all sides of this conversation.  There is no absolute right or wrong, no simplistic decision and no action that will be free of criticism.  Due diligence is the key and attention to detail is and will be critical as we move forward.
To date, USM Athletics has not participated in any outside competition during the 2020- 2021 academic year.  We have engaged in small group work, strength and conditioning sessions, and eventually, in full practice sessions with our teams.  We shut down workouts just prior to Thanksgiving and our students went home for the remainder of the semester.  Throughout the fall, we have been engaged with our institutional and system leadership as well as our many governing bodies to plot the course for the second semester and what may be possible for our student-athletes.  Here's a look at our plan for winter sports as it currently stands; of course, everything is subject to change based on changing conditions. READ MORE