Department of Athletics

Get to Know the Athletics’ “Study Tables”


GORHAM, Maine  - Now that the University of Southern Maine students are a week and a day in to their 2018-2019 academic year, the Huskies' Athletic Department is continuing its successful, and mandatory for first-year student-athletes, "Study Hall."  

With the many new challenges and adventures that face college-aged students during their first year away at a university, students that also choose to participate in intercollegiate athletics face additional and unique challenges.  With the added travel for away games, practice and game commitments many student-athletes have to refine their time management skills in order to be successful. Student-athletes must also ensure their eligibility by maintaining a certain grade point average, and progress towards graduation. 

Student-athletes at the University of Southern Maine are no different, and many of them are also balancing part-time jobs on top of full-time classes and team commitments.  And while the adage "practice makes perfect" rings true for the jump shot or pitching wedge as well as the balancing act of the student-athlete, many first-year student-athletes may need some coaching to help them through the first hurdle of university life.  

To help ensure a successful academic transition, Southern Maine's Department of Athletics requires first-year student-athletes to participate in a mandatory "Study Table" at the Learning Center in the Costello Sports Complex, requiring on-campus student-athletes to complete four hours of study time per week, while those student-athletes that choose to live off campus must submit two hours of time per week.  Those hours are monitored by student-employees and directed by Head Softball Coach and Learning Center Coordinator Sarah Jamo. In addition to the dedicated space in the Costello Sports Complex, The Learning Center coordinates with Paul Dexter and The Learning Commons to facilitate scheduling tutors, and other key programming to help USM student-athlete be successful. READ MORE