Department of Athletics

Huskies’ SADIE and USM Athletics

GORHAM, Maine  – If you happen to venture into the USM Ice Arena located on the Gorham Campus of the University of Southern Maine, more than likely you'd be greeted with a flurry of activity (especially in pre-COVID times). From Huskies' ice hockey practices and games, men's league contests, students studying or lounging in the reception area, youth practices and tournaments, Skate with the Huskies - and if the occasion arose you could snag a soft pretzel from the concession stand.

Also housed within this busy corridor of the USM Athletic facilities is the Alumni Reception Center -  a space for team and Athletic Department meetings, special guest speakers, department trainings and event receptions, including Town of Gorham Night Festivities and Senior Day Celebrations. The Alumni Reception Center is a place of great pride for the Huskies' Athletic Department, showcasing the numerous national awards, coveted championship trophies, historical moments and celebrations of the nearly 100 year history of athletics and student-athlete success at the University of Southern Maine and its various predecessor institutions.  

Now included among the many tangible sources of Husky Pride are a colorful and diverse set of flags representing and celebrating the unique and diverse make-up of our University's nearly 500 student-athletes.  Ranging from the flags of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, Zambia, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Puerto Rico, United States of America, Finland, and Iraq there are 26 emblems representing the various cultures, heritages and identities of our Husky student-athletes proudly displayed for all to see.
The new flags are the first of what are sure to be several initiatives put forward from Huskies' SADIE (Student-Athlete Diversity, Inclusion & Equity) Committee – a newly established student-athlete organization.  Created in the Fall of 2020, Huskies' SADIE is dedicated to creating a community that values and prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion, and is committed to listening to student-athlete's concerns surrounding social justice issues. READ MORE