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Huskies' SADIE Earns Division III Diversity Initiative Grant

 Established in the Fall of 2020, Huskies' Student-Athlete Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee (Huskies' SADIE) was created by a group of dedicated, motivated and vocal group of student-athletes seeking to create a community that values and prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion, and is committed to listening to student-athlete's concerns surrounding social justice issues.
In its brief existence as a student organization, Huskies' SADIE has done just that, and has been recognized for its efforts. In the Spring of 2021, Huskies' SADIE was recognized by the University of Southern Maine Student Government as its Outstanding New Student Group, and more recently, Huskies' SADIE has received national recognition from the NCAA as the September 2021 recipient of the Division III Diversity Spotlight Initiative. In addition to the recognition, USM Athletics and Huskies' SADIE will receive a $500 grant to use towards its next diversity initiative.
"I'm very proud of our student-athletes who are active in SADIE and also proud of our staff who are supporting them, making a commitment and helping our athletic department to be more inclusive," said Director of Athletics Al Bean. "We have encouraged our students to take an active role, come forward with their concerns, tell their stories and we have listened.  We continue to work together as partners to affect change, make a difference, take action and provide a voice."
The idea for Huskies' SADIE followed a dialogue between the USM Department of Athletics and its student-athlete population, particularly our students of color, during the Spring and Summer of 2020 to ascertain and develop ways to help support USM student-athletes in the best way. READ MORE