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Innovate for Maine Spotlight: Fred Knight and His Internship | Michael Kennedy, Bangor Daily News Blog

Innovate for Maine Spotlight: Fred Knight and His Internship

by Michael Kennedy, Bangor Daily News


For Fred Knight, a senior at the University of Southern Maine double-majoring in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Innovate for Maine fellowship program helped him get a proverbial foot in the door when it comes to business acumen. 

“I come from an engineering background,” Fred said. “So the [Innovate for Maine Fellowship] experience gave me a whole different look into the business aspect of things. That was amazing.”

Created in 2012, the Innovate for Maine Fellows program is an internship program that connects Maine college students with the state’s most exciting, growing companies. By facilitating this connection, the program’s goal is to grow and create jobs across the state of Maine through innovation, entrepreneurship, and young, skilled professionals. 

An annual program, the Maine students and Maine companies selected to participate in the internship come together through the University of Maine to collaborate on innovative projects that will accelerate company growth and give students a paid, meaningful, hands-on internship experience. 

For Fred Knight, that meant working for the Cooperative Center for Aquaculture Research at the University of Maine: immediately contributing to engineering system projects and leveraging his undergraduate education in the workplace. By the end of the summer, Fred had accumulated an entire binder of the work he had completed and the projects he had been a part of, an item that helped him make memorable impressions in two different job interviews that fall. 

“Right in the binder was an overview of the systems I had designed, along with comments, calculations and a bunch of pictures,” Fred said. “It gave me something to talk about for 15 to 20 minutes in each interview.”  READ MORE