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               2015 Summer Sports Camps  ~  Like us on Facebook!

Southern Maine Huskies LogoThe USM Department of Athletics is proud to offer a variety of summer sports camps for kids of all ages.  These programs offer a structured approach on skill development and sport strategies. By providing a healthy and safe camp environment and a curriculum based on sports fundamentals and fun, USM Summer Sports Camps hope to inspire a lifetime of sports passion and physical fitness.

For More Information:  Call 207-780-5430 or email

               2015 Camp Schedule

Soccer Day Camps 6/22 6/26
Girls' Team SWISH Camp 6/26 6/28
Girls' SWISH Day Camp 7/6 7/10
Softball Day Camp 7/13 7/16
Boys' SWISH Day Camp 7/13  7/17
Baseball Camp  7/19 7/22
Baseball Day Camp 7/20 7/24
Volleyball Weekend Day Camp 7/24 7/26
STIX Field Hockey Day Camp 8/3 8/7
      Cancelled Camps    
STIX Field Hockey Camp- Cancelled    
Girls' Lacrosse Weekend Day Camp    
Boys' Lacrosse Weekend Day Camp    
Softball Overnight Camp