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USM SAAC’s Unified Sports Program Honored by NADIIIAA

GORHAM, Maine –  Recognized often for its community outreach programs at the University and national stage, the University of Southern Maine Huskies' Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is earning the top honor from the National Association of Division III Athletic Directors (NADIIIAA) for its Unified Sports Program.  In addition to honoring the Unified Sports Program initiative, NADIIIAA also chose to honor USM SAAC in its Array of Projects category with the Huskies earning third place for its numerous and on-going community service efforts. 

Having previously earned honorable mention and Award of Merit status for its community-service related activities 10 times since 2001, the Huskies' are outright winners of a NADIIIAA Community Service Award for the first time with the recognition of its Unified Sports Program. Winning NADIIIAA's inaugural Community Service Award for Special Olympics Activity, USM SAAC will be formally recognized at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) convention on January 26, and NADIIIAA will make a $750 contribution to the general scholarship fund of the University of Southern Maine. 

Established in 2001, the NADIIIAA Community Service Awards are intended to recognize the many contributions Division III student-athletes regularly make to their campuses and local communities. Comprised of athletics administrators from more than 350 institutions and conferences competing at the Division III level, NADIIIAA annually recognizes institutions in four service categories: One-Time Project, or Activity; On-Going Project, or Activity; An Array of Projects or Activities; and Special Olympics Activity.  READ MORE