The Bertha Crosley Ball Center for Compassion

Building Accountability in Beloved Community: Belonging is Everything!

November 4, 2021
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Join us for an evening conversation with Ed Porter! 

Thursday, November 4th  •  6:30 - 8:00 p.m. ET •  Zoom  •  Free and open to the public

Missed the event?  See the recorded video here

In this presentation on Belonging and Accountability, we will investigate and reflect upon the centrality of belonging to building truly beloved communities. We can’t address equity, inclusion, and anti-racism unless and until we build relationships that make each person feel that all of their identities belong. Belonging goes well beyond mental acceptance or simple access. It has to be embodied. We literally have to feel the love and deep regard for another, and the feeling has to be mutual. When belonging exists it engages our senses, it is generative and expansive as it makes room for all, it projects love and care, and it emerges us in an authentic “we”.

Belonging and accountability go hand-in-hand. We are each responsible (accountable) for embracing one another and embodying love as we build beloved community. We each have to do the personal work of opening to “the other”. Additionally, we each need to support one another’s personal growth whether we struggle with unconscious bias or in need of healing from harm in our lived experience with exclusion and othering. In the end, belonging and accountability (responsibility) form an interesting synergy that supports compatibility and affinity.

About the Speaker

close-up photo of Ed Porter.  He is wearing a purple v-neck shirt over a grey turtleneck sweater, and he is smiling directly at the cameraEd Porter, M.A. M.S. (he, him) has a rich and varied career in public education, professional development, community leadership, systems thinking, and equity training. Ed identifies as black American with deep roots in African diaspora culture. His vision is to provide services in a variety of modalities to individuals, groups, and organizations that assist them in opening eyes, minds, and hearts to working together across race, gender, and cultural identities - building a workplace and a world that honors, celebrates, and upholds the values and contributions of all. Mr. Porter has been a superintendent of schools, executive coach, university instructor, and a member of the board and faculty of Courage of Care. He regularly leads compassion-based, anti-oppression, and healing-centered trainings for diverse audiences.


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