The Bertha Crosley Ball Center for Compassion

Reclaiming Resilience and Community: A Workshop for BIPOC

April 24, 2021
12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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The Center for Compassion is delighted to offer five full scholarships to this event to current USM students!  Click here to apply.

Join Center Director Dr. Vaishali Mamgain and others for this one-day workshop from the Courage of Care Coalition!

Saturday, April 24th  •  12:00 - 8:00 p.m. ET  •  Zoom 


Black, Indigenous, People of Color make up the majority of the global population, though we are often made to feel as if we are the “minority” in Americanized and westernized cultures. We believe it’s important to continue to name and claim this truth while also holding the power of the deep resilience of Black and Brown bodies in the face of white body supremacy for centuries. There is both deep power and grief in claiming these truths as we are in the midst of a deep reckoning with this in our history. BIPOC community members are a central part of a vast interdependent web, like mycelium (the root system of all fungi and mushrooms), which makes up the most common plant matter in the world. Without mycelium, the ecosystem would not survive, and without its deep resilience the entire planet could not sustain.

At Courage, we recognize that the BIPOC community is the network that encourages life to keep blooming, embodying resilience and trust.

This 1-day workshop “Reclaiming Resilience and Community:  A Workshop for the BIPOC Community”, led by our BIPOC team of facilitators, is designed to support BIPOC community members to understand and heal from the disproportionate effects of oppression and marginalization, and also celebrate the incredible resilience and strength that is present in this community as well. 

Building containers of safety, holding, and witnessing with other BIPOC is needed now more than ever. We need a safe place to mourn, grieve, heal, and experience joy in the process of unraveling the ways in which systems of oppression have shaped and influenced how we show up in the world. Together, we’ll explore ways we can hold and support each other to begin to heal collectively and further our activism from a more resourced place. We will explore the Courage RISE framework:

  1. Love/Courage:  where we will sense into a feeling of being held in love and community so that we can feel empowered towards courage.
  2. See/Reveal:  where we will explore what causes and perpetuates oppression and injustice.
  3. Heal/Invest:  where we will dive into ideas and practices of reparative and restorative healing.
  4. Envision/Sense:  where we will feel into new and alternative ways of being and relating that are already here waiting to be revealed. 
  5. Act/Embody:  where we will explore the idea of transformation through a willingness to show up fully and take risks. 

We will explore this model from the perspective that in the process of rising, there is also a process of coming back to ground, and all the space in between. Similar to breath or pulse, there is an ebb and flow to the way we will experience and embody these liberatory practices. Although this model will be taught in a linear fashion, we will keep rooting back to the truth that change is inevitable, healing is fluid, and activism is motion.


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