Department of Biological Sciences


Who is my faculty advisor?

Declared Biology majors:

You have an assigned faculty advisor. To find out which faculty member serves as your advisor, check the information found in the Student Services Center on MaineStreet. You should see both a faculty advisor and a professional academic advisor listed on the right side of the Student Center tab. If you don't see an advisor's name listed, please contact Ann Perry (780.4260;

We encourage you to seek out any Biology faculty member for advice on coursework and careers.

Undeclared students:

If you are not a declared Biology major, we'd like to talk to you! Please contact one of the following people for answers to your questions:

Interested in General Biology or Ecology? Contact Dr. Terry Theodose (780.4074;

Interested in the Health Professions? Contact Dr. Dave Champlin (228.8349;

Interested in Veterinary Medicine? Contact Dr. Chris Maher (780.4612;

Interested in Biotechnology? Contact Dr. Rachel Larsen (780.4263;

Interested in Secondary Education? Contact Dr. Doug Currie (228.8192;

How do I find my advisor?

You can find a list of all Biology faculty here. To locate information about individual faculty, including their office location, telephone number, and email address, click on the faculty member's name.

Please remember that faculty keep busy schedules, and they may not be in their offices during university breaks, including semester break and summer. Plan accordingly when you try to schedule an advising appointment.

If you have trouble reaching your advisor, contact the Administrative Assistant, Ann Perry (780.4260,, or the Department Chair, Dr. Jeff Walker (228.8166;

When should I meet with my advisor?

All Biology students must meet with their advisors during pre-registration. At that time, you should be prepared to discuss your upcoming semester's schedule, including course selection, and you will receive a PIN that allows you to register in MaineStreet. You can find more information about preparing for pre-registration advising here.

You should feel free to meet with your advisor any time during the year to discuss career options, general education requirements, major requirements, as well as any problems you may experience in your current classes.

What if I want to change advisors?

We try to match students with advisors based on areas of interest. Sometimes your career plans change, and you may decide you want to switch advisors. Other times, you may decide that you prefer to work with a different advisor. To change advisors, please meet with your new potential advisor to confirm the change, and then see Ann Perry (780.4260, in the Biology Department office, 105 Science.

What math course should I take?

Understanding USM's math requirements can be a challenge. To help you, view this short video about the different courses and the sequence in which students may take them. Learn more about the math placement exams and your scores here.

I'm a pre-health student majoring in Biology. Where can I find out more information about getting into professional school and activities on campus?

Many of our Biology majors are interested in medicine (physician and physician's assistant), pharmacy, dentistry, or optometry. You can learn more about pre-health professions and the student club at this website.

Where can I find more information about careers in Biology?

Here are two websites that provide comprehensive information about career options, including future outlook (job growth) and salary information:

O*NET online

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Where can I find more information about Advising issues?

Visit the Advising Network, which has plenty of useful information including links to USM forms that you may need, or the Advising website.

To hear from some of our former students about their own experiences, check out the videos here.