Department of Biological Sciences

Current graduate students


Matt Brewer holding fish in stream

Matt Brewer
B.S. Wildlife Ecology with a concentration in Fisheries, University of Maine (2019)

Advisor: Karen Wilson
Thesis topic: Post dam removal monitoring of marine-freshwater food web linkages using stable isotopes

Allison Fogg
B.S. Biology, University of Southern Maine (2022)

Advisor: Rachel Lasley-Rasher
Thesis topic: Characterizing benthic mysid (Neomysis americana) ecology in the Damariscotta Estuary

Bethany Fortier 

Bethany Fortier
B.S. Biology, University of Maine (1993)

Advisor: Lucy Liaw
Thesis topic: Effects of methionine restriction on the metabolic phenotype and mitochondrial bioenergetics of perivascular adipose tissue

Kevin McGann
B.S. Biology, University of Southern Maine (2020)

Advisor: Rachel Lasley-Rasher
Thesis topic: Drivers of zooplankton dynamics in Maine estuaries

Nate Melo 

Nate Melo
B.S. Biology, University of Southern Maine (2019)

Advisor: Ken Weber
Thesis topic: Chromophoric influence on phototaxis in long term selected Drosophila melanogaster

Matthew Oberholtzer

Matt Oberholtzer
B.S. Biochemistry, University of Maine (2018)

Advisor: Catherine Miller
Thesis topic: Zika virus attachment and entry into human macrophages

Morgan Regnier
B.S. Biology, University of Minnesota Duluth (2021)

Advisor: Joe Staples
Thesis topic: Using respirometry to measure effects of exposure to sublethal doses of pesticides on insect metabolism

 Carol Titterton

Carol Titterton
B.S. Microbiology, Pennsylvania State University (1983)

Advisor: Chris Maher
Thesis topic: The role of MHC-dependent mating on the maintenance of major histocompatibility complex polymorphism

Laura Verdi

Laura Verdi
B.S. Neuroscience, Western New England University (2017)

Advisor: Doug Currie
Thesis topic: Effects of arsenic on neurodevelopment using Drosophila as a model system


More information about past graduate student research, including publications and theses, can be found here.