Department of Biological Sciences

Theresa Theodose Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology and Graduate Coordinator


408 Science

Contact Information

Phone: 207.780.4074

James Madison University, B.S., 1985
The College of William and Mary, M.S., 1989
University of Colorado, Ph.D., 1995

Research Interests

I am interested in how nutrient levels influence plant community dynamics within ecosystems.  I have a special interest in ecosystems that are stressful to plant growth, such as alpine areas, peatlands, and salt marshes.  Current work in my lab is focused on invasive species and how anthropogenic eutrophication influences their abundance at the expense of that of native species.

Recent Publications

P. Griffin, T. A. Theodose, and M. Dionne. 2011. Landscape patterns of forb pannes across a northern New England salt marsh. Wetlands 31:25-33.

E. Hazelton, T. Knight and T. A. Theodose. 2010. Glutamine synthetase partitioning in native and introduced salt marsh grasses. Marine Ecology Progress Series 414:57-64.