Department of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate research

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students in the fieldOne of the most rewarding experiences for many undergraduates is the time spent conducting research, one on one, with a faculty member. Not only do you gain valuable experience in preparation for a career or further education in graduate or professional school, but you also develop skills in a particular area, including techniques, experimental design, critical thinking, and effective communication. We encourage students to seek out faculty mentors and to discuss the possibility of undergraduate research projects with them.


Internal Opportunities

Many USM faculty welcome undergraduate students to join their research programs. Please contact the following Biology faculty if you are interested in their work and would like more information.

Dave Champlin: molecular study of hormones affecting insect metamorphosis

Doug Currie: toxicological effects of arsenic on developing neurons

Chris Maher: evolution of social behavior in mammals

Lisa Moore: microbial ecology of marine phytoplankton

Jeff Walker: quantitative models, statistics, flight and swimming mechanics

Ken Weber: evolutionary genetics of fruit flies

Faculty in the Departments of Chemistry and Environmental Science and Policy also recruit students.

External Opportunities

Organizations outside USM occasionally seek interns to fill positions. Here you will find more information about active openings as they become available.