Kate Cheney Chappell 83 Center for Book Arts

Artist's Book by Rebecca Goodale in Exhibition at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Vernal Pool II

Part-time Associate Professor of Art, and founding coordinator for the Kate Cheney Chappell ’83 Center for Book Arts, had her Artist's Book, Vernal Pool II, selected for an exhibition currently on display at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in Washington.

"Water Is"

An exhibition at the Bainbridge Island Art Museum, Bainbridge Island, Washington

January 11- May 9, 2021

In the Sherry Grover Gallery

Cynthia Sears and Catherine Alice Michaelis curated this water-themed exhibition, from the Cynthia Sears Collection of Artist’s Books.

Included in the exhibit is:

Vernal Pool II (Spotted Salamanders)
Rebecca Goodale, 2005. Edition of 10.

12.5" closed; 19.5" extended theater book in 12.5 x 9" tyvek envelope. Slider illustrations hand colored silkscreen prints.

Vernal pools are small wet areas in the springtime. In Maine, they are the breeding habitat for four species. One of these is the spotted salamander. By the time summer arrives the eggs have hatched and the pools have evaporated. This lovely artist rendering of the pools slides away to reveal the mating salamanders. Another in her Threatened and Endangered series.

Artist's Book, Vernal Pool II, is part of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s permanent collection, as well as several other Artist’s Books by Rebecca Goodale.