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ON BOOKS: SCULPTURE - at the Portland Public Library Lewis Gallery from March 1-23, 2019.

On Books Postcard

ON BOOKS: Sculpture will take place at the Portland (Maine) Public Library Lewis Gallery from March 1-23, 2019.  The opening reception will be Friday, March 1, 2019 from 5-8 pm.  

ON BOOKS will approach a reverence for books with the understanding that there is an essential “thingness” to books along with the narrative that might be included within their pages.  While these sculptures may have pages, they express their ideas in a form descriptive of the feeling those pages may evoke.  They have literal weight and occupy our physical space in a way complementary to the way a story occupies our mental space. 

The sculpture exhibited will include sculptural responses to books or literary experiences, pieces that use language or words in a dominant way, altered books, and pieces that use or reveal book elements.

On March 14 at 5:30pm, Duncan Hewitt will present a performance/reading of Alice Oswald’s poem, Swan. This will be a responsive event to his sculpture about Oswald’s book of poetry, Falling Awake, which includes Swan.

Lin Lisberger is curating the exhibit. Artists from around Maine and the United States are exhibiting, including Doug Beube, Béatrice Coron, Lesley Dill, and Chris Duncan from New York, Jacqueline Rush Lee from Hawaii, Andrew Hayes from North Carolina, Dolph Smith from Tennessee, Stephanie Stigliano from Massachusetts, and Erin Sweeney from New Hampshire.  Maine artists are Cynthia Ahlstrin, Rebecca Goodale, Duncan Hewitt, Lissa Hunter, Jamie Johnston, Lin Lisberger, Barbara Sullivan, and Frank Turek.  Of the out of state artists, Béatrice Coron, Lesley Dill, Chris Duncan, Andrew Hayes, and Erin Sweeney all have connections to Maine.

"Art Review: 'On Books!' is a smart, subtle take on the art of literature

The show art Portlnd Public Library addresses its subject in less obvios ways"

by Daniel Kany

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