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Cole Leighton '20

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Cole Leighton

Cole Leighton is an educator and an artist.  He graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Southern Maine in 2011.  As part of his elective coursework for that degree, he started taking art classes which led him to discover a passion for art-making that he never knew he had.  After completing this degree program, he worked at a few different organizations as an educator, and it was then that he realized he loved teaching.

After six years, Cole had the opportunity to return to the University of Southern Maine to combine his enthusiasm for teaching and for art.  In May 2020 he earned a BFA in Art Education. His concentration was in ceramics and he completed a minor in book arts, but he enjoys working in a variety of different mediums.

Cole lives and teaches in Southern Maine.  When he is not working or making art, he enjoys reading non-fiction, watching documentaries, exploring nature with his wife and son, and hanging out with the family cat.

Artist Book by Cole Leighton