USM Bookstore

Order Textbooks Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my books through the USM Website?
First of all, you need a copy of your course schedule.
Then, go to the USM textbook list webpage.

Once there, click on the semester that you are shopping for. This expands into a list of all the academic departments. If one of your classes is ENG 100C 4694, for example, you would first click on ENG, which expands to show all the different ENG courses being offered. Then, click on 100C. This expands into a list of all ENG 100C classes being taught this semester. Then, select the section listed with your course registration number, 4649 for instance. Different professors who teach the same class will often use different books, so the course registration number is extremely important to insure you order the correct items.

After clicking on the correct course, the course number will move over to the right, in the 'your schedule' box.

Find the rest of your courses and add them to the 'your schedule' box. Then, click on 'Find books for these courses' located near the top of that box. All books for your courses will then be listed. You can choose which things to include or exclude with the checkboxes. Then click on 'Add these books to my cart' near the bottom of the page.

After reviewing your order, click on 'Check out'.

Select your preferred shipping/pick up option. This defaults to shipping, so if you want to pick up your order, make sure to select a campus. You may order as a guest, or, if you want your information to be saved to make your next ordering experience go more quickly, you can create a login.

A 'Used book alert' at the top of the screen asks if you want us to substitute with new books when used are unavailable.
Below, you will enter billing and shipping/pick up information. If there are any special requests or questions, you may type them in the 'Customer notes' field on this page.

Click on 'Continue' at the bottom of the page.

After entering your payment information and placing the order, you will get a confirmation e-mail once your order enters our system. This can take up to an hour. Your credit/debit card is not charged when you place your order, but once we take the books off the shelves for you and assemble the order. You will get another e-mail once we've put charges through. Please note that we only put charges through for items in stock - if something hasn't arrived in the store yet, we will not process the payment for that item until it comes in. You may see multiple charges on your statement for your order and this is the reason why.

Where do I pick my books up?
Although the USM Bookstore is located on the Portland campus, we can send orders to the other campuses for pickup also.

Gorham pre-paid orders will be available for pickup in the Gorham Learning Commons during regular library hours. Please note that orders are put together in Portland and require transit time to Gorham.

Lewiston pre-paid orders will be available for pickup in the Lewiston Campus Library during regular library hours. Please note that orders are put together in Portland and require transit time to Lewiston.

Remember to bring a photo ID with you.

Can my order be shipped to me?
Yes, absolutely! We can ship UPS to your home or work. If the value on your order is more than $100, we require a signature. If no one will be home to sign, you can authorize us to ship it without a signature requirement - just let us know in the customer notes field near the end of placing your order. Have you already placed your order? Give us a call; it might not be too late to change it. (207) 780-4468

Very small low value books will be sent U.S. Mail.

When will I get it?
If everything on your order is in stock, the order will be shipped out within 1-3 business days of when the order was placed. The order will then take between 3-5 business days to arrive.

If your order is not complete, and there are still several weeks before school begins, we will hold your order until it is complete. Once school is exactly two weeks away, we ship everything, complete or not. Items that are late arriving in the store will be shipped separately upon their arrival.

How much does shipping cost?
The amount we charge for shipping is based on the total value of your order.

Up to $50 $10.00
$50-$150 $12.00
$150-$250 $14.00
$250-$400 $15.00
$400 and up $16.00

Occassionally, we will ship a book U.S. Mail if it is small and has a value under $20. In these instances, we adjust the shipping fee on our end to $7.
Please note, the above shipping information is for textbooks only.

When will my order be ready?
Most orders will take about 3 days to process. Extra travel time may be required if books have to be transferred between campuses. All orders are put together in Portland.

Textbooks start arriving in the stores during the month before classes begin.
If you place your order very early, keep in mind it may be a couple weeks before items come in. (At least you'll be first 'in line' for used books!)

Can I get used books?
We try to get as many used books as possible. Some books are never available used however, like large bundles that include access codes or software, brand new editions, custom editions for USM, and professor customized course packets. Used books sell out quickly; as the beginning of the semester approaches, we often only have new left in many titles.

Can I order them online and then pay when I get to the store?
No, sorry! The longest that we hold unpaid books for is one day. If you are coming in the same day and want your books held for you, it would be best for you to call the bookstore and have us set books aside for you.
To order books through our website requires a credit or debit card that will be charged once the order is assembled.

Can I pay with a giftcard?

Why can't I find my class?
Your class may have been added to the semester's offerings later than normal, which means it wasn't entered into our database when all the other courses were. Once we hear from the professor if any books are being used, the course will show up.

What does it mean if I find my class, but there's no textbook listed?
There's a couple reasons this might happen. Professors are asked to have their orders in to us early so that we can get the books in stock, but sometimes they require extra time to review books to choose which one is the best fit for their course. Once we do receive an order from the professor, it will be listed.

Also, there may be no book required for the course. This is often the case in some lab courses or art courses that require supplies instead of books. Generally you will be given a list of supplies by your professor on your first day of class.

What do I do if I change classes after I've already ordered books?
The easiest thing to do is to place a second order for the books that you do need, and to let us know which books on your original order you no longer need. If we haven't yet processed your original order, we may be able to add the books you need to the order manually. If we have processed it, we can only access the credit/debit card for refunds and cannot apply any more charges to it. You can reach the Web Order Department at (207) 780-4468.

Can someone else pick up my books for me?
Certainly. If you haven't placed your order yet, just make sure to type their name in the 'person picking up order' field. If you've already placed your order, please either e-mail or call us with their name. We keep the order alphabetical under your name, but put a note on it saying that 'so and so' has permission to pick up the order. You can reach the Web Order Department at (207) 780-4468.

I don't see my question here.
We'd love to help you out, so please e-mail or call us at (207)780-4070.