USM Bookstores

Textbook Buyback

We can buy books back year round, however we are able to pay a higher percentage during our semester end buyback.

Selling Your Books In The Stores:

Selling back your books at the end of the semester is a great way to recycle them and get some extra cash in your pocket!  You may bring in your books YEAR ROUND to Portland to sell them.  We do recommend that you bring them in during one of our Semester End Buyback periods, when we are trying to buy books for an upcoming semester.  During the Semester End Buyback, you will normally get more money back for your books.

To sell books in our stores, you must bring a SCHOOL ID with you.  Receipts aren’t necessary; in fact, you can bring any book in to sell, no matter where it was purchased.

How much money you get depends almost entirely on what books professors have chosen to use for the following semester.  

-When a book is going to be used, we generally give 50% of the retail price, until we've bought back enough copies. 

-If the book is not going to be used here at USM but has a national demand, we can buy for a textbook wholesaler that will give up to 35% of the retail price.

-If the book is not in demand, we cannot buy it. 

We cannot buy water damaged books, instructor editions, or books with missing covers.  

If your book is not being bought back, it may be because:
-The professor is choosing a new book.
-The course is being taught by a different professor, who is choosing a new book
-The course is offered in alternate years.
-The book is going into a new edition.
-The bookstore already has enough copies in stock.
-The bookstore has not yet heard that the book is being used again.

We always have a donation box for no-value books if you wish for your book to be sent to a country in need. 

Selling Your Books Online:

Selling your books from home – nothing could be more convenient!  We’ve partnered with MBS to provide for you a website where you can sell your old and unwanted textbooks from home.

***Please note that you can most likely get back more for your books during the Semester End Buyback period by bringing your books into the store.

By visiting this link you can sell your books! 

-Find and add the books you want to sell by entering ISBN numbers.*

-Print your packing list and the free pre-paid shipping label that will be sent to you as an email link once you finalize your quote.

-Pack and send your books free of charge using the pre-paid shipping label. Once your books are received, a check will be mailed to you within 3 weeks.

*ISBN numbers are located near a book’s barcode.  Books printed before February 2008 have 10 digit ISBN numbers, while newer ones have 13 digits.  To use the online buyback, you must have the 13 digit ISBN number, which begins with 978 or 290.