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What Students are Saying About Campus Ventures

"The hands-on experience I received as a participant in the CV program (designing experiments, conducting independent research, summarizing and presenting data to an audience), have left me confident than I can manage the professional side of my internship."

"The internship has allowed me to apply skills I have learned through my studies, such as forecasting and modeling."

 "There are two aspects that have proven equally significant for me. This is the first time I have worked within a science/engineering-based project, and getting an upfront look at how people in these fields work have been fascinating. I have also become very interested in the project management part of our work and would like to gain more experience in it."

 "I would gladly recommend the program to classmates. In the last few months, I have made a number of excellent contacts and have been exposed to a dynamic part of Maine's economy with groups like MCED, MTI, Work it UP! and others."

 "This is a new program and I was happy to be part of its start, but I would like to see more business students involved."

 "My experience with Campus Ventures has helped me tenfold in my education, because it has taken me through the whole process of designing, building, and testing a piece of equipment. Starting off we had to do the initial research to get a better idea as to what was available on the market. Then come up with concepts that would fit the requirements of the project. From those concepts we narrowed it down to one, and from that final design we design multiple prototypes until arriving at the end design."

 "With the Gorham Lamp Project, the most significant learning experience has been the project in and of itself. The idea that we have been able to go through the whole process of designing and testing an un-marketed idea while still in school, I feel will give me the upper hand when it comes to landing a job after graduation. This opportunity has given me real world experience that no other program could have."

"In my opinion, Campus Ventures has been one of the best programs ever instated at the University. I recommend any student working towards a degree, whether it be Business, Engineering, Industrial Technology, or really any degree offered here. Campus Ventures addresses many different focuses and skill sets in each of their projects to allow for growth in a way that students get the experience they need before ever leaving school. I highly recommend any student to get involved in Campus Ventures.”

“I can honestly say I like the program the way it is, the only change I would make is that I think it should be more integrated into especially the Science and Engineering degrees, but also, if applicable, into any degree where students can gain valuable experience to help give them that upper hand when trying to get a job after school.”

Campus Ventures

Mike Wing speaks about the Campus Ventures program at the University of Southern Maine, where Maine entrepreneurs can seek help from faculty and student interns to build prototypes, solve technical challenges, and get their ideas off the ground.

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