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If you are overseeing a student's credit-bearing internship, the following documents are required:

  • Educational Affiliation Agreement (EAA). If the internship site has never hosted a USM student before, an EAA must be completed and sent to prior to the start of the internship. If the internship site appears on this list, we already have an EAA from them and you do not need to ask them to complete it.  
  • Learning Agreement. The link is just a sample; feel free to create your own. The agreement outlines the learning objectives, outcomes and other academic components of the internship. The agreement helps to maximize the student's learning and is signed by the student, internship site supervisor, and yourself prior to the start of the internship. Each party (you, the site supervisor, and the intern) should retain a copy for their records. 
  • Site Supervisor Evaluation Form. Again, the link includes a sample; feel free to create your own. This form allows the internship supervisor to evaluate the student's performance during the internship. Each party (you, the site supervisor, and the intern) should retain a copy for their records. 

For more information, please visit Faculty Guidelines for Undergraduate Academic Internships.

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We eager to visit your classes and present to students, collaborate with you on events (such as the Engineering Hiring Event), and more. We want to partner with you! Please email or your college's respective Career Advisor to connect with us today.