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Getting the best job that matches your skills, interests and abilities will require know-how and organization. It is the result of determination, persistence and finding resources to guide you through the job search process. Here are a few job search guides, books and websites which may provide guidance as you seek employment.

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USM Job & Internship Board

Through the MyUSM Campus Portal for up-to-date job and internship listings from local and regional employers. To see a list of current job openings, click the green "Job Board" icon in your MyCampus Launchpad. USM Job & Internship Board Disclaimer Founded in Maine, JobsInME has been connecting job seekers with Maine employers since 1999. helps job seekers find real, local Maine jobs. You can search jobs by location, category, duration, and more. All employment opportunities – including full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal and volunteer positions – are conveniently organized. Job seekers can save their customized searches, choose to receive automated Job Alert emails, and keep track of everything in their job seeker dashboard.
Live and Work in Maine Live and Work in Maine serves as the leading resource for students looking to start their careers in Maine – as a USM graduate, we invite you to join our Maine Career Network!

With over 300 million members in over 200 countries - LinkedIn is the largest professional network. 93% of employers use LinkedIn to recruit.

LinkedIn Jobs Leverage the world’s largest professional network to connect with opportunity. Use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network and get hired. LinkedIn Jobs surfaces insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.

LinkedIn Salary

See a detailed breakdown of salaries by job title and location. Explore how salaries vary by industry, years of experience, company size, education level and field of study.

Helps you find a job and company you love. Reviews, salaries and benefits from employees. Interview questions from candidates. Millions of jobs.

How to Get Your First Job: A good prologue for students that need to learn the basics: how to search for a job, what employers are looking for and how to ace an interview.
How to Get an Internship Guide: An internship could be perfect for students who may not have work experience, or might be interested in testing the waters of a different career.
How to Write a Resume: A guide that covers what a resume is, how to showcase your skills and how to stand out to recruiters, even without extensive work experience.
The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide: Preparation for interviews with everything from common interview questions, advice on what to wear to an interview and tips for how to follow up afterward.
How to Network: Useful advice that takes the intimidation out of networking by sharing networking ideas, how to prepare and dos and don’ts
How to Develop and Nail Your Elevator Pitch: The critical components of an elevator pitch, how to practice it and how to leave a memorable impression.

Indeed Considered the #1 job site, it collects job listings from thousands of websites to assist you in finding the perfect position.
MaineDOL Labor Statistics
MaineDOL State Workforce Board 
Maine Career Center Veterans Services 

Internship Information 

Veteran Job Information

Salary Data by Major

Find internships and employment opportunities in the world's largest internship marketplace.


Graduate to a Great Job: Make Your College Degree Pay Off in Today's Market by David DeLong (2013).

Researching a Company 

Researching a company can help you prepare for job, internship, and informational interviews, as well as job fairs and job shadows. Doing a little research about a company before an interview or job fair can help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants, and give you insights into the organizational culture and industry operating conditions. Begin your research now!

Informational Interviews

A professional interview with someone in a field you are interested in investigating or pursuing. Explore the environment, confirm your level of interest and gain valuable information.

Informational Interviews | Informational Interview Sample Questions 

Job Fairs

These are great opportunities to meet recruiters and potential employers and learn about a range of available jobs. At the fairs, you can gather information and apply for various positions. Treat each job fair as if it is an interview to make that professional impression.

USM Job Fair Maine Career Center Job Fairs Maine College Career Consortium | |


Networking is a strategic activity that involves building and maintaining relationships with people who can assist you in advancing your job search. These people can provide you with information about possible positions or refer you to others within the field. While your network can include a wide range of people, the closer they are to sharing your career interests, the more helpful they will be. Learn more about networking. 

Job Scams

NEVER respond to unsolicited requests, from any recruiter, for personal information (name, birthdate, social security number, or bank account number) by phone, mail, or online. Read how to Spot Fraudulent Employers & Postings . If you shared any personal or other contact information with a recruiter, you may want to take additional precautions or use a service such as LifeLock ( recommend contacting your financial institution immediately if you provided personal financial information to a recruiter. You can report your experience to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at