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Thank you for your interest in our pilot Micro-Internship Program. The following information is designed to answer questions and provide additional resources for developing your micro-internship.

What is a micro-internship?

  • Short-term, project-based experiential learning opportunities for students and employers to get connected
  • These can be designed for remote or in-person projects
  • Normally, running 4-6 weeks in duration
  • You can either pay the intern and/or connect with us to offer academic credit 

Why consider a micro-internship?

  • Many regular internships have been impacted by COVID
  • Experiential learning opportunities are critical for student success
  • Offers the opportunity for you to develop potential future employees

What is the timeline?

  • Posting and recruiting can begin immediately (details on how to post below)
  • The winter break for the University of Maine System runs from December 21st, 2020- January 15th, 2021
  • While micro-internships do not need to fit this timeframe exactly, it can be beneficial to align the project with this break
  • Micro-internships can be extended beyond this time period if you and the student would like to continue, but there is no expectation to
  • The amount of time per week that the student is working on the project is based upon your needs

What makes for a good micro-internship project? 

Due to the short time period of posting, recruiting, and the experience itself, the best micro-internships: 

  • Involve a ready-to-start project that a student could jump right in to support  
  • Have projects with a clear end
  • Are similar in scope to what an entry level employee might complete 

What are the expectations for the employer?

  • Create a project
  • Post the project (details below)
  • Vet candidates and hire one
  • Assign the student a supervisor
  • Provide guidance and feedback to the student
  • Handle payroll

Sample Project & Skills Grid:

A small manufacturing company has wanted to update their WordPress website to include updated information about their products and services. They would also like to improve the “Contact Us” function of the site. This project had been on the wish-list for 2 years. An intern with the skills to make this happen could spend 160 hours of their winter break to complete the updates with existing technology resources and all it will cost the company is the time for a mentor to supervise the intern and the intern’s hourly wages. Win-Win!

Project Description 


Update Company Website: Improve “Contact Us” function, update content and images, remove blog from website.

Project Management, WordPress (technical skill), Attention to Detail, Time Management 

How do I post my project?

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account or sign in
  3. Create a new job posting
  4. Select “micro-internship” for the job type
  5. Instead of a job description, insert a project description
  6. Include information about where students can apply
  7. Let us know if you would like us to cross post the position to other University of Maine System campuses

Do you have additional resources for creating an internship or a remote internship?

  • For creating an internship, check out our guide here
  • For support in a remote internship, check out the toolkit here

Do you have additional information about micro-internships?

I have additional questions, who should I contact?