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Norrie Crocker, M.S.

Career Advisor

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231 Luther Bonney Hall




Norrie Crocker is a Career Advisor in the Career & Employment Hub. She teaches ‘Global Perspectives on Adult Education, an elective graduate course offered by the Adult & Higher Education Program here at USM.  

In 2013 she returned to Maine after nine years of living in Glasgow, Scotland.  Prior to moving to Scotland, Norrie was Director of Workplace Education Programs for USM’s Center for Workplace Learning.  Upon returning to the United States, Norrie was a community outreach specialist for Electricity Maine’s non-profit partnership program, Power to Help. Most recently she worked at WEX in the Organizational Development department.

Because Norrie has both US and UK citizenship, working in Scotland presented no difficulties. She worked for Glasgow’s Community Learning Strategy Partnership developing and managing workplace literacy programs across the city of Glasgow (pop. 600K). Her final Scottish job was with Strathclyde Police as a leadership training specialist. To provide a break from a very intense job, Norrie auditioned for and was accepted by, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus.

She lives in Portland with her two Scottish cats who consider themselves international travelers (they flew back with her in 2013 and loved it)!  Bella is a more recent family member; three-year lab/border collie girlie who brings a whole new energy into the family.

Norrie received her BA in Sociology from Rutgers University and an MS in Adult Education at USM.