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Federal Work Study vs. Department Funded Student Jobs

For a student to obtain a federal work study funded student job, the student needs to have federal work study funds included in their financial aide package after completing the FAFSA. For more information, please see the Supervisor's Guide To Federal Work-Study. Any USM student is eligible to obtain a department funded student job, regardless of whether they received federal work study or not. 

If you supervise student-employees, assist in setting them up or approving their time, or if you are just interested in receiving student-employment updates, please consider signing up for student-employment communications so you don’t miss out on important information, reminders and resources! Click here to sign-up!


How to Become a Supervisor and Hire a Student Employee:


Student Employee Supervisor Training 


If you are supervising a student for the first time, there are training requirements that must be complete before you begin supervising.

  • Please send an email to Tamara Saarinen at to request access to the training.
  • Please complete the USM Student Supervisor Training. You must click and review all of the links, including those listed in the Resources section.

  • Once you have reviewed all of the resources, please complete the quiz in the ProveIt section. You must score a 100% on the quiz to pass the training.

  • Once you have passed the training, please confirm your completion (link to the job aide) by email to Tamara Saarinen ( so she may grant access to the Student Work Authorization.   


 Recruiting Students: 

  • Create your student job description using USM’s pre-existing list and customize to your department's needs.

  • Create a profile on USM’s online job posting board, USM Job & Internship Board, and post your job ad. Here are some instructions to help you get started with posting your first position.

  • Conduct interviews of applicants and select a student to hire.


Completing Hiring Paperwork:


Time Entry and Approval:

Non-Federal Work Study (non-FWS) Winter and Spring Approval:

  • To hire non-FWS (e.g. department or grant funded) student-employees for winter and spring 2021, you must bring a request forward to the Position Review Committee (PRC).

  • Obtain approval from your VP/Cabinet-level leader

  • Complete a non-FWS student-employment request

    1. Once you have approval from PRC, complete new hire paperwork.

  • FWS and non-FWS Remote Work Plan Requirement

    All student positions which are remote, whether FWS or non-FWS, must have a brief Remote Work Plan attached to them. Please complete this plan before the student begins their position. Send completed work plans to Chris Williams at


If you have any questions related to Student Employment, please contact us at !

Wage Increases

Student employee wages will be increasing again on all three USM campuses on January 1, 2021.  Please see the new wage bands below.

Wage Band

January 1, 2021









Other Resources for Student Supervisors:

The Student Rehire eAuthorization (aka Student Rehire Tool) can be completed in Manager Self-Service and is encouraged for departments that rehire a lot of students each academic year or semester.

To access the Student Rehire tool in Manager Self-Service, please complete the eStudent Hire Authorization Request Form and submit to Once you are granted access, you will be sent training on how to use the tool.

Click here for instructions on how to Rehire Student via Manager Self-Service eAuthorization. After the supervisor has completed the rehire transaction in Manager Self-Service, the student must accept the job in Employee Self-Service.



Student Employment Questions: Contact us at !