“From helping to develop my resumes 3 years ago, guiding me to obtaining my first marketing internship, to now providing a place of employment as I act as a graduate assistant of the department, I have learned from all facets of the Career Hub.

A few years ago when it came time for me to begin looking at internships at the undergraduate level, I was lost at how to even get started. I ended up setting up a meeting with … one of the Career Advisors here in the Career Hub, and … completely revamped my resume … The outcome was something I was now very proud to send to future employers, knowing that it highlighted every skill I had previously spent my time developing.

Through my time working in collaboration with the Career Hub I have been able to participate in 3 different internships, several job fairs, and countless hours of career guidance. Without their help I know I would not have been able to accomplish what I have…

I am grateful that USM has such a resource available for its students, and that I was able to utilize it in my time here at USM, and hope to be able to continue to build and maintain the relationships I have created with them far beyond graduation.”

Shannon Colbert ’21,  BS in Business Administration; ’23 Master’s in Policy, Planning, and Management 
Shannon Colbert,  ‘21, Master’s in Policy, Planning, and Management

“The Career Center provided a great sounding board to talk through the skills I gained in my Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Studies. I wanted to transition into a new field while leveraging my 20 years of prior experience. [My Career Advisor] connected me with professionals in the field to learn more about career paths in human resources and organization development… [My Career Advisor] also helped with practical matters like CV design and guidance on how to tell my story during interviews…[and] was a key advisor and cheerleader through my career shift and helped me maintain patience to find the right position.”

Emily Marczak ’21, Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Studies
Emily Marczak, '21, Master's in Leadership and Organizational Studies

“I want to thank the Career Hub from the bottom of my heart for all the advice, support and encouragement over the last two years…. The Hub helped me to gain confidence and realize the power of my empathetic and adaptable nature and how I can apply it professionally…. The Career Hub has been a huge resource for me, and I can’t recommend it enough to other students. About halfway through my MBA program, during the Hub’s networking dinner, I coincidentally sat next to the Director of a local organization…. A conversation [with them] at that event ultimately led to an internship in Small Business Development, which was an amazing experience for me and allowed me to carry out my passion of supporting and learning about local small businesses. Each step of the way during my time at USM, the Career Hub was there for me as I got to know myself better personally and professionally and determined where I wanted to launch my career path. It’s clear the Career Hub team is passionate about their work and I always felt so uplifted after our meetings.”

— Madeline Lutts ’20, Master’s in Business Administration
Madeline Lutts '20, MBA

“The USM Career Hub is a team of brilliant planners with knowledge in a multitude of backgrounds. You don’t need to have many years of experience or to be a guru to get an internship or job. These brilliant people will find your unique background and make that your strength while applying for a job. In my sophomore year at USM, I had a plan to apply to internships. Since I was a beginner, I first gained some research experience at a laboratory that I am extremely grateful about. During my internship, the Career Hub supported me and furthered my steps towards my ambition.

In the late phase of my internship, I was actively looking for career advancement options. I had multiple video sessions with Hub team members which were my life-changing steps. After multiple interviews, I was able to secure an Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator position at Stanford University School of Medicine. This current position provides me with in-depth knowledge of clinical medicine and research that will strengthen me towards my further education in a Doctor of Medicine (MD) career.

I am a first-generation college student, a first-generation immigrant, and come from a disadvantaged background in the rural hills of Nepal. I am highly thankful to the USM community and the Career Hub for supporting me towards my ambition.”

— Deepak Kandel ’21, BS in Human Biology Pre-Medicine, Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator at Stanford University School of Medicine

“The Career Hub helped me streamline my path at USM. The Hub team not only gave me career search engines where I could find job titles, their associated degrees, and salaries, but also showed me classes and programs I had never considered to get me to those careers and reach my goals. Their suggestions helped me refine and tailor my class choices so I am best prepared to meet my goals after I finish my degree. The Career Hub’s advice and suggestions were all new to me; I’m so glad I took advantage of this resource as it opened the right doors so my USM experience could be as relevant as possible to my post-university vision. I’m thrilled that the Career Hub took the time to help me feel confident with my classes and confident in my future.”

— Genevieve Paradis, current student, Psychology major
Genevieve Paradis, current student, psychology major