2013-14 Catalogs

BA in Art and Entrepreneurial Studies

The BA in Studio Art and Entrepreneurial Studies is an in-depth studio experience with courses in small business and entrepreneurship. It involves a combination of art and art history courses with a required studio concentration, a cluster of business courses, a digital-based course, and an internship experience with creative professionals. Within the general electives, students may choose to incorporate a minor or select additional studio (ART) or art history (ARH) courses. This degree is for students who wish to pursue a career in the creative arts in the commercial or nonprofit sectors. It is intended to offer students a greater ability to engage in creative arts sector employment and/or independent small business development.

The minimum number of credits (exclusive of the University's Core curriculum and electives) required for the major: 48

Art Foundation (18 credits)
     ARH 111 Art History: Prehistoric through Medieval
     ARH 112 Art History: Renaissance to the Present
     ART 141 2-D Design
     ART 142 3-D Design
     ART 151 Drawing I
     ART 152 Drawing II

Art History Requirements (9 credits)
     ARH 200 or 300-level art history elective
     ARH 200 or 300-level art history elective
     ARH 411 Philosophy of Art
     or PHI 220

Studio Art Requirement (30 credits, including four 200-level studio courses from ART 221, 231, 251, 261, 271, 281 or 282, or 291; two 300-level studio courses and one 400-level course within one discipline; and 3 to 6 credits from ART 400 and/or ART 408 with the remaining 6 credits in studio electives.)

Business Requirement (12 credits, not exclusive of ECO 100 and ECO 102, including 3 credits from each of the following groups: BUS 101 or BUS 200, ACC 110, BUS 260 or BUS 165, and BUS 385.)

Technology Requirement (3 credits from ITT 181, ITT 231, ITT 241, or ITT 343)

No more than 60 credit hours with ART designation may be used to fulfill 120 credit-hours degree requirement.