2013-14 Catalogs

BA in Media Studies

Set in a liberal arts context, the media studies bachelor of arts degree program allows students to study modern media through the application of various theoretical frameworks and skills. Students with an interest in media studies will find the greater Portland area an excellent location for media-related activities and service learning projects. By emphasizing theory and practice, the media studies major challenges the student to analyze and practice the creation, dissemination, utilization, and evaluation of mediated messages.

Major Requirements (45 credit hours)
A grade of "C" or higher is required for all courses for the major. 

I. Common Core (9 credit hours)
     CMS 102 Introduction to Communication
     CMS 103 Introduction to Media Studies
     CMS 200 Research Methods in Communication

II. Media Writing (9 credit hours)

Select One:
     CMS 150 The Writing Process
     CMS 274 Writing for the Media

Select Two:
     CMS 205 Topics in Media Writing I
     CMS 202 Writing for Popular Print Media
     CMS 215 Journalism Reporting and Writing
     CMS 225 Screenwriting I
     CMS 300 Topics in Media Writing II
     CMS 302 Writing the Feature Story
     CMS 305 Writing Opinion: Editorials and Columns
     CMS 315 Broadcast News Writing
     CMS 325 Screenwriting II

III. Media Theory (9 credit hours)

Select One:
     CMS 284 Intro to Cinema Studies
     CMS 374 Media Criticism and Aesthetics
     CMS 423 Freedom of Expression in the United States

Select two:
     CMS 210 Topics in Media Criticism I
     CMS 286 History of International Cinema to 1945
     CMS 288 History of International Cinema Since 1945
     CMS 294 Visual Communication
     CMS 303 Media Effects
     CMS 310 Topics in Media Criticism II
     CMS 323 Understanding Technology
     CMS 350 The Internet and Society
     CMS 355 Consumer Culture
     CMS 370 Media and Social Change
     CMS 380 Film Genres
     CMS 384 Film and Cultural Studies
     CMS 394 Theories of Cinema
     CMS 486 Women in Film
     CMS 490 Theories of Mass Communication
     ENG 244 Introduction to Cultural Studies
     PHI 211 Media Ethics

IV. Media Production (6 credit hours)

Select One:
     CMS 203 Introduction to Video Production/CMS 204 Lab
     ITT 281 Internet Web Site Development

Select One:
     CMS 220 Topics in Media Production I
     CMS 294 Visual Communication
     CMS 320 Topics in Media Production II
     CMS 340/1 Field Video Production & Lab
     CMS 440/1 Advanced Video Production & Lab
     ITT 241 Information and Communication Technologies
     ITT 343 Graphic Communications Technologies
     ITT 344 Digital Video and Animation Technologies

V. Senior Experience (6 credit hours)
     CMS 400 Senior Project (3 credits)
     CMS 450 Service Learning Practicum (3 credits)

VI. Electives (6 credit hours)

Media studies majors may select any two courses offered by the Department as long as they have met the prerequisites. The exceptions are internships and independent studies. These count toward the total number of credits need for a bachelor of arts degree, but not as electives in the major.