2013-14 Catalogs

BM in Performance - Piano Pedagogy

This degree concentration is for students who wish to prepare for a career in private piano teaching and those who wish to do graduate work in piano pedagogy. The program focuses upon the development of teaching techniques and performance skills. Specific areas of pedagogy study include: methods and materials, child development, learning theory as it pertains to music education, group and individual lesson formats, and business aspects of running a private studio. The program also includes a supervised piano teaching internship during the junior or senior year. A basic understanding of the standards and opportunities for teaching, as well as performance, leads the student to realistic expectations for a career in private piano teaching.

The minimum number of credits required for the degree is 120.

Music CORE 30 creditsCredits
Music Theory and Aural Skills (16) 
     MUT 100 Music Theory and Aural Skills 14
     MUT 101 Music Theory and Aural Skills 24
     MUT 200 Music Theory and Aural Skills 34
     MUT 201 Music Theory and Aural Skills 44
Music History (12) 
     MUH 105 Multi-Cultural Perspectives of American Popular Music3
          and Jazz 
     MUH 222 Music History Survey 13
     MUH 223 Music History Survey 23
     MUH 321 Classical and Romantic Music 
         or MUS 220 Twentieth Century Music3
Conducting (2) 
     MUS 244 Basic Conducting2
Applied Music 28 credits 
     Private Lessons (8 semesters)24
     MUP 390 Junior Recital0
     MUP 490 Capstone: Senior Recital4
     MUS 442 Recital Class (8 semesters)0
 Students in the piano pedagogy concentration must play a full 50
 minute recital in the senior year, including at least40 minutes of solo
 repertoire. The recital should illustrate a range of historical styles.
Ensembles 4 credits 
     University Chorale or Chamber Singers0.5
     Any conducted ensemble0.5
     MUS 406 Chamber music2
     MUS 406 Chamber music or MUS 452 Accompanying1
Additional Music Courses 32 credits 
     MUS 372 Pedagogy of the Major Instrument (Piano)2
     MUS 373 Piano Pedagogy 22
     MUE 211 Teaching Creative and Critical Listening PK-122
     MUS 360 Advanced Keyboard Skills 12
     MUS 361 Advanced Keyboard Skills 22
     MUS 376 Class Piano Teaching 12
     MUS 377 Class Piano Teaching 22
     MUS 332 Counterpoint3
     MUS 330 Form and Analysis3
     MUS 321 Literature of the Major Instrument (piano)2
     MUS 322 Piano Literature 22
     MUS 378 Practicum in Piano Pedagogy 13
     MUS 379 Practicum in Piano Pedagogy 23
     Applied Music–Jazz Piano2
Additional Non-music Courses 4 credits 

Admission to all degree programs in music is based on the following criteria:


  1. Performance audition on the applicant's major instrument.
  2. Tests of aural comprehension, rhythmic recitation, and sight singing administered individually by a member of the staff.
  3. A diagnostic written test of music fundamentals, including intervals, scales, chords, and key signatures.

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