2013-14 Catalogs

BS in Applied Technical Leadership

This degree program is designed to provide career advancement opportunities for experienced personnel employed in a variety of technically oriented career fields such as fire science, law enforcement, medical technology, business operations, service industries, and others. 

Students seeking admission to the Applied Technical Leadership degree program will be screened for either an associate degree or a combination of non-credit training and experience equivalent to an associate degree. Students without an associate degree are required to prepare a portfolio documenting their competence.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Technical Leadership
(for nontraditional/transfer students)

The minimum number of credits required for the degree: 121

University Requirements
     Writing Readiness
     Math Readiness

University Core
     College Writing
     Quantitative Reasoning - MAT 140 (or above)
     Creative Expression
     Socio-cultural  - Economics (ECO)
     Science Exploration - with Lab
     Cultural Interpretation
     Ethical Inquiry
     Thematic cluster - Professional Practices Recommended
     Cluster course 1
     Cluster course 2
     Cluster course 3
     Capstone ITT 460

Departmental Requirements
     ITP 210 Technical Writing
     ABU 190 Spreadsheet & Problem Solving
     Natural Science

General Elective - 6 Credits
     (Academic, Professional or Technical)

     ITP 230 Project Management  
     ITP 250 Management Information Systems
     ITP 280 Industrial Organization, Management, & Supervision
     ITP 310 Facility Planning
     ITP 340 Fundamentals of Quality
     ITP 350 Teambuilding and Facilitation
     ITP 381 Human Resource Development
     ITP 410 Technical Operations and Strategies
     ITP 490 Cost Analysis & Control
     ITS 320 Occupational Safety and Health
     ACC 110 Financial Accounting Information for Decision Making

Technical/Occupational Specialization - 36 Credits
Occupational Assessment/Elective Courses
     ITT 400 Occupational Competency

(Portfolio Assessment)
     ITT 440 Related Occupational Experiences/Internships