2013-14 Catalogs


Center for Entrepreneurship

In November 1996 the Board of Trustees of the University of Maine System approved the creation of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern Maine. Administered by the School of Business within the College of Management and Human Service, the Center develops courses, workshops and research projects that respond to the needs of small businesses throughout Maine and coordinates credit and non-credit programs offered through several USM units. More information can be found on the Center's website at http://usm.maine.edu/cesb or by contacting the Center for Entrepreneurship Office at (207) 780-4563.

Maine Center for Business and Economic Research

Director: Matthew D. Dean

Associate Director: Charles S. Colgan

Senior Research Associates: Aiello, Artz, Bennett, Colgan, Dean, El-Taha, Grover, Hillard, Peng, Sanders, Smoluk, Suleiman, Voyer

The Maine Center for Business and Economic Research (MCBER) was originally formed in 1974 as an EDA University Center, and now serves as a conduit for bringing the expertise and skills of faculty from the School of Business, the Muskie School, and other academic units at USM, to the challenges and opportunities facing the public and private sectors in Maine. As a joint center managed by the Business School and the Muskie School, MCBER is dedicated to helping the state prosper.

Supported by both public and private sources, the Center offers applied research and technical assistance services to Economic Development Districts, profit and nonprofit organizations, and individuals. These services include: business analytics, survey-based research, economic impact analysis, forecasting, data mining, statistical analysis, simulation modeling, strategic planning, feasibility studies, risk management, market research, financial/economic modeling, and other forms of customized business/economic analysis. For additional information, contact the Maine Center for Business and Economic Research, University of Southern Maine, P.O. Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104-9300, (207) 780-4187, http://usm.maine.edu/mcber.

Maine Small Business Development Centers

State Director: Mark Delisle

Associate State Director, Finance: Carol Papciak

Associate State Director, Communications: Maria McIntyre

Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC) provide comprehensive business management assistance, training, resource, and information services to Maine's micro, small, and technology-based business communities. Professional certified counselors, who meet rigorous education and business experience standards, provide business assistance at no cost to Maine's existing and prospective business owners.

Maine SBDC is a partnership program of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in association with the SBA/OSBDC, Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (Maine DECD), the University of Southern Maine, and leading economic and/or community development hosting organizations, with support from other contractors, allies, and stakeholders. Accredited by the Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) and administered by USM's School of Business for over 30 years, Maine SBDC operates a network of nine service centers and numerous outreach offices located conveniently throughout the state.

Maine SBDC's mission is to engage itself and others in development activities that contribute to the improvement of the economic climate for and the success of micro, small, and technology-based businesses in the state of Maine. Its focus is to assist in the creation, growth, and maintenance of viable small businesses and the jobs these businesses provide. Maine SBDC serves those seeking assistance who are willing and able to build, sustain, and/or expand their business. More information about the Maine SBDC can be found at http://www.mainesbdc.org or by calling (207) 780-4420. Maine SBDC state administrative offices are at 501 Forest Avenue, Portland. Mailing address: P.O. Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104-9300.