2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate in Applied Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a certificate program in applied statistics, designed for people in area businesses, industry, government, and education, as well as offering to the Department's own majors an opportunity for further recognition of their skills. It is helpful for students who want to pursue a master's program in statistics but who need first to fill in some advanced undergraduate work.

The requirements for the certificate are successful completion of:
     MAT 281 and MAT 282 or the equivalent and five of the following courses:
     MAT 386 Sampling
     MAT 388 Statistical Quality Control
     MAT 461 Stochastic Models in O.R.
     MAT 484 Design and Analysis of Experiments
     MAT 498 Topics

Students must contact the Department chair about application to the program. The courses are offered during the late afternoon to make them more accessible to working people.