2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate in Athletic Coaching

This program is designed to prepare students for certain coaching responsibilities in schools and recreational programs. The curriculum includes an introduction to the organization and administration of athletics as well as practical work in assisting coaches in selected sports. Attention is also given to the prevention and care of the most common injuries occurring in athletic programs. Students may take courses as electives or as part of the certificate program.

A certificate will be presented to students completing the minimum 18-hour program. In addition, the proper notation will be made on the student's official transcript indicating proficiency in the area of athletic coaching as determined by the certificate program. For more information about this program please call (207) 780-5997.

Course of Study in Athletic Coaching (18-credit program)

Required (12 credits)
     PHE 203 Athletic Training for Coaches
     PHE 302 Coaching Philosophy and Fundamentals
     PHE 314 Organization and Administration of Athletics
     PHE 389 First Aid and CPR

Electives (6 credits)
     PHE 106 NCAA Life Choices
     PHE 198 Physiology of Health Fitness
     PHE 303 Coaching and Officiating Basketball
     PHE 309 Coaching and Officiating Track and Field
     PHE 311 Coaching and Officiating Soccer
     PHE 312 Coaching and Officiating Football
     PHE 315 Coaching and Officiating Field Hockey
     PHE 316 Coaching and Officiating Volleyball
     PHE 335 Coaching and Officiating Baseball and Softball
     PHE 391 Field Experience/Internship