2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate in Creative Leadership and Global Strategy

One of the most versatile certificates ever offered at the University of Southern Maine. The Creative Leadership and Global Strategy Certificate is a new undergraduate certificate geared toward the student or community member interested in focusing on dynamic leadership skills. Select courses from the Leadership and Organizational Studies program blend deliberate creativity with organizational leadership in multi-cultural, multi-national environments. The Creative Leadership and Global Strategy Certificate will help you meet the challenges of our dramatically changing global workplace.

This program may be completed face-to-face, fully online, or in a combinaton of the two.  For more information about the fully online option, contact Ashley Collins at acollins@usm.maine.edu.  For more information about our other options, contact Janet Etzel at jetzel@usm.maine.edu.  Apply now using this form.

Please note certificates may be pursued by either matriculated or non-matriculated students (students not pursuing a specific degree program).

LOS 300: Organizational Theory provides an overview of organizational dynamics. Current organizational issues are analyzed using structural, human resource, cultural, and political frameworks and the case method. Issues include leadership, organizational design, planning, change, decision making, communication, and control.

LOS 330: Leadership in Different Cultures explores leadership practices in multiple cultures and how our increasing interactions with these diverse leadership styles have changed our conception of leadership in the U.S. This course will help students determine the skills they will need to take on a leadership role in a global society.


LOS 470: Leadership Study Abroad familiarizes students with key issues in intercultural leadership by learning about leadership in foreign countries. Through a variety of readings, site experiences, and reflection exercises, students will examine a diversity of leadership situations and the cultural factors that influence the quality of a leader’s performance. Students will learn tools to be effective leaders in a globally aware environment. In order to help apply theory to experience, students will be given a number of opportunities to articulate ideas about the concepts explored through presentation, group discussion, and writing.

LOS 350: Leadership is a course that examines the theory, research, techniques, and problems of leadership in organizations. Organizational culture is studied with emphasis on the leader’s role in influencing and decision making. An experiential design is used along with traditional classroom techniques to help students reflect upon their personal leadership styles and examine their approaches to leading and managing others in diverse organizational settings.

LOS 360: Deliberate Creativity and Innovation studies the theory and practice of facilitation methods that enable people, processes, products, and environments to be innovative. Throughout this exploration of creativity, students will engage in a variety of readings, discussions, writings, and exercises designed to explore the numerous and diverse facets of this area of study.

We recommend that students start their Leadership Studies coursework with LOS300: Organizational Theory.  Students should work with their advisors to organize the scheduling of the rest of their coursework.