2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate of Graduate Study in Creative Leadership and Global Strategy

This unique post-baccalaureate certificate draws professionals interested in improving their understanding of the societal, cultural, historical, and philosophical aspects of creative leadership from a global perspective. It provides a solid, advanced level grounding in leadership theory, the research and practice of deliberate creativity and innovation, and working effectively in multi-cultural and multi-national environments.

Students who earn this certificate will...

  • Increase their knowledge of Theories of Leadership & Leadership Contexts.
  • Assume an orientation which encourages Self-awareness as a Leader, Sensitivity to Diversity Issues, Global Awareness, and Reflective Professional Practice.
  • Develop skills in Creativity & Innovation, Thinking Critically, Building Relationships, and Motivating Individuals, Groups, & Organizations.

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Creative Leadership and Global Strategy is available both fully online and in a blended (partially online, partially face-to-face) format.  For more information, email gradprograms@usm.maine.edu

LOS 500: Foundations of Leadership Studies I -- Provides an overview of leadership theory and intellectual history using disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches from philosophy, social science, the humanities (e.g., literature and history), and science. Explore the wealth of interpretive frameworks for leadership with the task of increasing understanding of this complex and multifaceted phenomenon.

LOS 512: Deliberate Creativity and Innovation -- Investigates the theory and
practice of facilitation methods that enable people, processes, products, and environments to be innovative. After exploring the numerous and diverse facets of this area of study, students will be able to demonstrate (both in discussion and practice) their abilities to use their learning in applied settings.

LOS 550: Cultural Contexts -- Provides an analysis of the role that culture and cultural differences play in contemporary occupational, social/civic, and interpersonal lives. The essential question for the course is: how does one show leadership in creating and maintaining anti-racist, multicultural, and gender fair relationships, organizations, institutions, and socio-political and economic systems?

LOS 670: Leadership Study Abroad -- Familiarizes students with key issues, theories, and practices in intercultural leadership and provides the knowledge, tools, and multi-cultural experiences necessary to be effective, globally aware leaders. After several months of study, students travel overseas to explore diverse leadership styles and environments. Through this powerful experiential learning, students learn how to be more adept in multi-cultural situations and thus more competitive in the global marketplace.

Although there is no required course sequence, we recommend that students take LOS 500: Foundations of Leadership Studies I first.