2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate of Graduate Study in Leadership Studies

This graduate studies certificate provides a sound, advanced level grounding in leadership theory and research and the skill sets required to work effectively in multiple contexts. It requires 12 credit hours of specific graduate level leadership courses offered in a mix of traditional and virtual classroom styles. This program draws professionals from non-profit, corporate, and civic sectors. It is an especially attractive option for those seeking additional education in leadership skills but who are currently unable to commit to a full degree program.

Students who earn this certificate will…

  • Increase their knowledge of the History of Leadership Studies, Theories of Leadership, and The Nature of Followership.
  • Assume an orientation which encourages Self-awareness as a Leader, Reflective Professional Practice, and Social Responsibility.
  • Develop their skills in Exercising Leadership-Formally and Informally, Complex Problem Solving, Managing Conflict, Communicating Effectively, and Building Relationships.

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Leadership Studies is available both fully online and in a blended (partially online, partially face-to-face) format.  For more information, email gradprograms@usm.maine.edu

LOS 500: Foundations of Leadership Studies I -- History and Theory provides an overview of leadership theory and intellectual history using disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches from philosophy, social science, the humanities (e.g., literature and history), and science. We explore the wealth of interpretive frameworks for leadership with the task of increasing our understanding of this complex and multifaceted phenomenon.

LOS 501: Foundations of Leadership Studies II -- Understanding and Leading Individuals and Groups furthers the development of students' knowledge of leadership theory and practice, with a special emphasis on the individual and group levels of analysis. Throughout the interdisciplinary exploration of the diverse factors that impact leadership, students will engage in a variety of readings, discussions, writings, and exercises designed to demystify the connections between theory and practice.

LOS 611: Communication and Relationship Building -- Investigates the communication and behavioral theories and techniques that mediate interpersonal dynamics. Students will engage in a course of study designed to help them develop awareness of their communication abilities and difficulties and tools to effectively address the interpersonal challenges they face now and in the future.

LOS 614: Leading Through Conflict -- Helps develop skills in framing conflicts and facilitating the communication processes that help groups mediate differences is key to successful leadership. This course examines research on leadership behaviors encountered in a variety of situations including small groups, organizations, communities, and internationally.

Although there is no required course sequence, we recommend that students take LOS 500: Foundations of Leadership Studies I first.