2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate of Graduate Study in Occupational Therapy: Return to Practice

The purpose of this graduate certificate is to provide Occupational Therapists who have been out of the OT field for a period of time (and who no longer have a current license or OT certification) with an opportunity to update their knowledge and skills with which to return to practicing the art and science of OT. The entire 18 credits may be earned during one academic year (three semesters).

At the completion of this certificate students will:

  • Recognize and apply occupation-based models of practice
  • Understand current trends within occupational therapy theory and practice
  • Regain comprehension of and skill in a chosen area of practice
  • Feel confident in returning to occupational therapy practice
Program ContentCredits
     OTH 502 – Introduction to Occupation*3
     OTH 503 – The Reflective Practitioner*2
     OTH 507 – Ethics and Social Justice3
     Choice of 1 Theory and Practice Course:7
          OTH 505 – Impact of Mental Health on Occupational Performance 
          and OTH 518 – Group Process for Practice 
          or OTH 603 – Occupational Performance in Adulthood 
          or OTH 604 – Occupational Performance: Infancy through Adolescence 
     Level II Fieldwork in Practice Area of Interest – 6weeks3
     Total Credits18

*These courses are offered in the fall semester and are prerequisites to OTH 507 and the theory and practice courses offered in the spring semester.

General Guidelines:
  • Program Length: Students will have four years to complete this MOT Graduate Certificate.
  • Program Delivery Mode: All courses will be offered at USM at LAC
  • Program Audience: Occupational therapy practitioners who have not practiced for several years and who want to return to practice.

Application form must be completed by 10/1 of the year prior to which the student wishes to begin the certificate.
Proof of Completion form must be submitted in order to receive the actual certificate.

General Guidelines:
All MOT certificate courses must be taken in sequence.
A grade of "B" MUST be earned in EACH course. Once accepted, students have five ( 5) academic years to completed the certificate. Return to Practice seats are limited to three (3) per academic year.

Please review AOTA's Return to Practice/Re-entry guidelines.