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Certificate of Graduate Study in Software Systems

The Graduate Certificate in Software Systems is intended to offer locally employed computer professionals educational opportunities in contemporary software technologies. Computer Science evolves rapidly and new techniques deriving from the proliferation of internet usage, the massive amounts of gathered data, and the attendant security concerns, are developing continuously. Courses of the certificate program address recently developed languages, concepts and methods that were not part of the computer science curriculum of a decade ago.

Additional Information

Program Policies

In addition to the general policies described in the Academic Policies section, specific policies of these programs are as follows:

Transfer Credit

A maximum of nine credit hours of transfer credit may be used toward the master's degree. A maximum of three credit hours of transfer credit may be used towards the certificate.

Continuous Enrollment

Every semester a student must either register for a course or for GRS 601 to maintain continuous enrollment. Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment will be dropped from the program and will have to reapply for admission to continue with it. Students who anticipate being unable to take classes may apply in writing for a fixed-term leave of absence.

Time Limit

All required courses for the master's degree and certificate must be completed within six years prior to graduation. Otherwise, additional coursework must be taken to fulfill program requirements.

Students enrolled in this program are required to take four courses from a collection of graduate level courses addressing a variety of aspects of contemporary software development. This collection includes COS 430, COS 541, COS 544, COS 558, COS 571, COS 576, COS 579, and COS 595. Students may obtain approval from the department for other coursework to satisfy the requirement, in particular an independent study, COS 697.

In order to be awarded the graduate certificate in software systems, a student must pass each of the four courses with a grade of C or better and attain an average grade of B in all four.

Each student applying for admission into the Certificate in Software Systems program should have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related discipline with at least a 2.5 GPA. Students with Bachelor's degree in some other discipline must demonstrate a strong background in object-oriented programming languages and significant programming experience to be eligible.

International students are required to satisfy the USM TOEFL or IELTS requirements. Scores for Graduate Record Examination are not required for this program.

Students admitted into the program will be assigned a faculty advisor from the Computer Science Department.

Application Materials

In addition to the materials described in the Admissions section, applicants for these programs must submit three letters of recommendation attesting to the candidate's academic and/or professional accomplishments.

Application Deadline

Although we consider applications for admission year round, students seeking financial assistance should submit their applications no later than February 1 for fall semester admission and October 1 for spring semester admission. To be considered for all scholarship opportunities, students are encouraged to apply in early January and September.