2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate in Leadership Studies

The certificate you have been waiting for is now available at the University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn College. The Leadership Studies certificate is an undergraduate certificate geared toward anyone interested in developing and expanding their leadership skills. Turn to USM-LAC and the Leadership and Organizational Studies program to learn about and meet the challenges of our dramatically changing world.

This program may be completed face-to-face, fully online, or in a combinaton of the two.  For more information about the fully online option, contact Ashley Collins at acollins@usm.maine.edu.  For more information about our other options, contact Janet Etzel at jetzel@usm.maine.edu.  Apply now using this form.

Please note certificates may be pursued by either matriculated or non-matriculated students (students not pursuing a specific degree program).

LOS 300: Organizational Theory provides an overview of organizational dynamics. Current organizational issues are analyzed using structural, human resource, cultural, and political frameworks and the case method. Issues include leadership, organizational design, planning, change, decision making, communication, and control.

LOS 301: Group Dynamics gives students an understanding of how people behave in groups and helps them develop the skills needed by group members to participate effectively in group activities. It provides a theoretical foundation for how groups function with focus on group process and development and discusses how these theories can be applied to a wide range of group settings. Students will use experiential techniques to help them develop critical skills and understanding of group dynamics.

LOS 350: Leadership is a course that examines the theory, research, techniques, and problems of leadership in organizations. Organizational culture is studied with emphasis on the leader’s role in influencing and decision making. An experiential design is used along with traditional classroom techniques to help students reflect upon their personal leadership styles and examine their approaches to leading and managing others in diverse organizational settings.

LCC 370: Toward a Global Ethics assists students in articulating and assessing their own values. It examines ethical theories and explores the influence of particular cultural ideologies on ethical beliefs. The course considers the ethical principles implied by democracy, sustainability, justice and difference. It examines ethical issues and dilemmas faced by individuals, organizations, and nations while exploring personal and collective decision-making processes in a global context.

We recommend that students start their Leadership Studies coursework with LOS300: Organizational Theory and LOS350: Leadership.  Students should work with their advisors to organize the scheduling of the rest of their coursework.