2013-14 Catalogs

Certificate in Lean Leadership

The Lean Leadership Certificate is an undergraduate certificate geared toward people interested in developing and/or expanding their skills in leading continuous process improvement (lean) initiatives. “Lean” is a system of eliminating wastes in time, resources, and materials, thereby increasing value to the customer -- in any market, from manufacturing to service sectors.

For more information, contact Janet Etzel at jetzel@usm.maine.edu.  Apply now using this form.

Please note certificates may be pursued by either matriculated or non-matriculated students (students not pursuing a specific degree program).

LOS 302: Organizational Behavior  The goal of this course is to familiarize students with interpersonal dynamics and the tools to make organizational interactions more effective. Through assessments, exercises, and discussions, students will examine how perceptions of self and others influence people's behavior in a variety of situations. As good communication is critical in building sound interpersonal relationships, students will have many opportunities to fine-tune writing and speaking skills. Cr. 3

LOS 308: Lean Systems and Methods  This is an introductory course in applying lean principles and methods in organizations, including front/back office manufacturing, non-profits, healthcare, IT, education, and government.  Students will learn basic lean principles and methods and have an opportunity observe, practice, and apply the principles and methods learned. Cr. 3

LOS 309: Lean Systems and Methods Practicum  This supervised practicum provides an opportunity for students to apply lean principles and methods. Working in teams, students will demonstrate the ability to transfer learning from the Lean Systems and Methods course to the field as they implement projects designed to enhance value in the organization.  Specific learning objectives will be set by the student teams and address competency in needs assessment, the implementation process, and outcome evaluation (including project results and individual learning). Cr. 3.  Pre-requisite Lean Systems and Methods.

LOS 440: Organizational Change and Development  This course explores the theory, research, and processes of leading, managing, and adapting to organizational change. Case studies and experiential learning are used to examine the effectiveness of change efforts and their impact on the group and individual. Cr 3.

LOS 308: Lean Systems and Methods must be taken before LOS 309: Lean Systems and Methods Practicum.