2013-14 Catalogs

Joint Degree: Public Policy and Management (PPM) and Law (JD)

The Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine, in conjunction with the University of Maine School of Law, offers a Joint Degrees Program that combines the study of law and public policy. Students completing the program earn both the Juris Doctor (JD) and the Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM) Separate admission to the programs is required. LSAT scores are required for Law School admission and are accepted by the Public Policy and Management program in lieu of the GRE for joint degrees applicants. Prospective students may complete the two admissions processes simultaneously or in different years. Entrance to one program does not in any way ensure admission to the other.

A student admitted to the joint degrees program may, with approval, transfer up to nine credits from each program to the other, thereby reducing the number of required credits in each program by nine and the total number of credits required the two degrees by 18.

Law School Degree Requirements: please refer to the Law School website or contact the University of Maine School of Law for requirements.

Public Policy and Management Degree Requirements

The MPPM degree requires a total of 39 hours for completion. A core curriculum of 18 hours assures an understanding of basic principles of political science, management, economics, statistics, and public finance. Students with little or no public sector experience are required to complete a non-credit field experience; with approval, the Law internship may be used to fulfill this requirement. Following the core courses, students elect one of two tracks of study: Policy Analysis, or Public Management. Each track requires 12 credits of course work. Following the core and track courses, students take six credits of elective course work. Finally, students complete a three-credit capstone course. Joint degrees students may petition the PPM Academic Affairs Committee to substitute the Law School Independent Writing Project for the PPM Capstone requirement. The petition must provide a description of the Law Writing Project and an explanation of the project's relevance to public or nonprofit management or public policy. Approval of substitution of the Law Writing Project for the PPM capstone reduces the joint degrees credit requirement by an additional three credits.

Each joint degrees program student is expected to develop an academic plan for completing the master's degree in Public Policy and Management that shows the law courses that will be used to fulfill degree requirements. Program coursework is individually determined based on student interest and their approved academic plan in consultation with their advisors. Generally, one three-credit law course may be used as a track requirement, with the remaining six credits used as electives. Law School courses may be taken prior to or during matriculation in the PPM master's program. Students will be assisted in programs planning by a PPM faculty member and a Law School faculty member who holds an appointment in PPM.

Students may consider the following cross-listed courses when creating their academic plan with their advisor:

  • LAW 635 Advanced Land Use Law (PPM 689)
  • LAW 684 Alternative Dispute Resolution (PPM 687)
  • LAW 687 Coastal Zone Law (PPM 688)
  • LAW 612 Environmental Law Seminar (PPM 690)
  • LAW 618 Health Care Law (PPM 681)
  • LAW 637 Environmental Law (PPM 683)
  • LAW 633 Natural Resources Law (PPM 682)
  • LAW 658 Marine Resources Law (PPM 684)
  • LAW 675 Medical-Legal Process (PPM 685)
  • LAW 616 State and Local Government (PPM 680)