2013-14 Catalogs

LAC Overview

Dean: Joyce T. Gibson, 51 Westminster Street, Lewiston; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Whitaker; Associate Dean of Public Relations/LearningWorks: Phillips; Chair: Coste; Professors: Black, Druker, Hitchcock, Levine, Nemeroff; Associate Professors: Caron, Cleary, Coste, Hammer, Mundhenk, Robinson, Rodrigue, Stasko, Turesky, Vazquez-Jacobus, Whitaker; Assistant Professors: Jenkins, Marsh, Silber, Spear; Instructors: Bickmore, Nowinski; Clinical Instructor: Clark

Lewiston-Auburn College (LAC) has several distinguishing characteristics: interdisciplinary majors, student-centered learning, a community atmosphere, and a deep sense of responsibility about its role in meeting regional needs. Faculty and staff are dedicated to engaging students in a transformative process in which self-awareness, content knowledge, relevant skills, and career development are merged in such a way that lifelong success and learning are intentional and expected.

The curriculum is marked by integration not only among the various disciplines within the liberal arts, but also between the liberal arts and the professional concentrations, between professional concentrations and the workplace, and between the College and the community. The faculty is dedicated to learning as a shared experience between students and faculty. The interdisciplinary focus combines communication, teamwork, writing, fieldwork, critical thinking, civic engagement, and leadership; and uses service learning, career seminars, and internships to help students apply, synthesize, and integrate their learning.

The College offers master's degrees in:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Leadership Studies

A Master of Science in Education degree in literacy education is offered by the School of Education and Human Development.

Academic Support Services

The University offers students a wide range of academic support services to facilitate and enhance their education. The breadth of these services is designed to accommodate the needs of a diverse student population. For a description of all available programs turn to the Academic Support Services section at the front of this catalog.

Academic Advising and Career Development

The Student Success Centers offer USM students an integrated approach to academic advising and career development.

Student Success Advisors provide academic advising and career planning assistance to support the development and achievement of students educational and career goals.

Following orientation and initial registration, students, are assigned a permanent Student Success and faculty advisor within their respective academic departments. Students are encouraged to maintain close contact with their advisors once this assignment has been made.

Non-matriculated students are students who are enrolled in courses at the University on a space available basis and who have not applied for admission. They are advised by the advisors in the Student Success Centers.

Students who have questions regarding general academic policies and procedures, as well as about other aspects of University programs, are encouraged to contact one of USM's Student Success Centers in 119 Payson Smith Hall on the Portland campus (780-4040), 119 Bailey Hall on the Gorham campus (780-5652), and 119 Lewiston-Auburn College in Lewiston (753-6536). The Internship and Career Placement office is located in 122 Payson Smith Hall on the Portland campus.

Support for Students with Disabilities

The Office of Support for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) provides a wide range of services to qualified students with sensory, mobility, physical, psychological, cognitive, learning and attention disabilities enrolled in USM credit and noncredit bearing courses and programs. Contact OSSD for information regarding particular needs. Documentation may be required. The office is located in 242 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland; 207-780-4706 or TTY 207-780-4395 or visit our Web site: http://usm.maine.edu/oassd.